Monday, April 28, 2014

#savethebluehumans: Where is Yew Park?

A few residents have been asking "Where is Yew Park?" We've put together a few images to help you find the new area where the Blue Human Condition will be displayed.

Yew Park was also home to the Ornythopterus statue as shown below:

Adrian Today: “Blue Humans” to move to Yew Park

The sculpture “Blue Human Condition” will be moved from its current location next to the City Chambers Building to Yew Park on Maumee Street.

Yew Park is located just north of Maumee Street. [READ MORE...]

City of Adrian: Blue Human Condition to be moved to Yew Park

As a result of numerous discussions and correspondence sent to the city about Blue Human Condition, the sculpture will be relocated to Yew Park. [READ MORE...]

Sunday, April 27, 2014

The Daily Telegram: Letter to The Editor - Adrian leaders stifle art and the city’s growth

To the editor,

The city of Adrian is faced with many problems. They have taxed away any incentive for business. The city refuses to do anything to encourage business except for the occasional Good Ol’ Boy Network. Our tax dollars are wasted year after year while nothing changes or progresses. [READ MORE...]

Adrian Today: Photo Gallery: Family recreates “Blue Human Condition” in living sculpture

Ashley Cavazos-Franck of Adrian got several family members together on Sunday afternoon to recreate the pose shown in the sculpture “Blue Human Condition” by Mark Chatterley, which sparked complaints after it was installed as part of downtown Adrian’s Art Discovery trail. [READ MORE...]

#savethebluehumans: Blue Humans Open for Display... for now.

The Blue humans have almost been on display for the past twenty four hours after a group of people removed the blue tarp sometime throughout the night. As Monday grows near the City of Adrian is sure to make a decision on the statue soon. If you haven't seen the statue downtown it's worth taking a drive to see it and take a picture or two. If you happen to take a photo, feel free to share it with us here at #savethebluehumans. We will be sharing all types of art and photos of the blue creatures this Friday!

The Republic [Indiana]:Complaints prompt Adrian officials to debate future of Blue Human Condition sculpture

ADRIAN, Michigan — Officials in Adrian expect to soon make a decision on whether a sculpture near municipal offices is too racy for the city's downtown. [READ MORE...]